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Rolling Hills Bank & Trust
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Rolling Hills Bank & Trust offers Traditional, ROTH and Education IRAs, all at competitive interest rates. Contact an employee at any of our branch locations for further information.

Traditional IRA Benefits:

  • Tax - deferred growth potential
  • The ability to deduct your contributions (if you participate in a plan at work, your eligibility is based on your income)
  • Accept rollovers from qualified employer sponsored retirement plan
  • Accept transfer form Traditional, SEP and SIMPLE IRAs 

Roth IRA Benefits:

  • Offers tax-free growth potential
  • Qualified distributions, which are tax-free and not included in gross income, can be taken when you are at least 59 1/2, or as a result of your death, disability, or if using the qualified first time home buyers exception 
  • Roth contributions are not deductible, they are not subject to tax and can be withdrawn at any time