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Rolling Hills Bank & Trust
Group of Heifers

Heifer Program

Rolling Hills Heifer Program is designed to involve the youth of our communities in agriculture. This is our way to promote agriculture and encourage young people to become involved in agriculture.

Each year, Rolling Hills Bank & Trust purchases 10 bred heifers to be given to two individuals for a 5 year period. These individuals must be either in 7th or 8th grade and must be interested in agriculture and willing to accept total responsibility for the daily care of the heifers. The individuals can do what they wish with the heifers for the 5 years, either by selling the offspring, building a herd, etc. At the end of the 5 years, the current cash equivalent value of 5 heifers must be paid to the Rolling Hills Heifer Program. These funds will be used to purchase heifers for the next year's recipients.

To apply, individuals must fill out an application describing their interest in agriculture as well as have 3 letters of recommendation from such persons as teachers, club leaders, etc. If selected, they must then maintain accurate records on income and expenditures during the 5 years and must be willing to promote the program.

Applications are due October 31st of each year with the winning participants selected and pick up or delivery is scheduled by year end. If you would like further information, specific dates or would like to apply, please contact the Rolling Hills Bank & Trust branch located nearest to you.

Heifer Program Application