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Rolling Hills Bank & Trust
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A Message from the President

Rolling Hills Bank and Trust is a home-owned bank with 12 banking locations. We offer a full range of financial services performed by professionals who seek to understand your individual and corporate needs. You can rely on Rolling Hills Bank and Trust to handle your banking needs today and in the future.


Rolling Hills Bank and Trust is a wholly owned subsidiary of Anita Bancorporation. The Bank originated as the Anita State Bank opening for business in July 1876. The Bank had various private owners over the years surviving the Great Depression and the 80’s farm crisis. In 1989, the Bank changed its name to Rolling Hills Bank and Trust and opened a new office in Atlantic, with the Atlantic location becoming the main office.
The bank purchased the Griswold State Bank in 1995, making it the 3rd branch office. In 2001, the bank acquired the Rippey Savings Bank located in Rippey, Iowa. It became the 4th branch of the bank with a new name, Rippey Bank, a Community Office of Rolling Hills Bank and Trust.

The Bank’s expansion continued in May 2003 when the Bank opened its 5th branch location, building a new branch office in Carson, Iowa. In December of that same year, the Bank purchased the Walnut branch of American Interstate Bank, making it the 6th bank branch.

Our expansion continued in March 2008 with the addition of branch offices in Stuart, Casey and Menlo, Iowa. These offices were added as a result of our acquisition of MetaBank West Central and increased our branch offices to 9. Our 10th branch office opened in January 2009 as a result of a new branch facility which was constructed in Adair, Iowa.

Branches 11 and 12 became part of Rolling Hills Bank and Trust in April 2009. Our parent company, Anita Bancorporation, had purchased the First National Bank of Brewster, Minnesota in November 2006. This bank had continued to operate as a separate bank with offices in Brewster and Worthington, Minnesota. In April 2009, these offices were merged into and became branches of Rolling Hills Bank and Trust making them our 11th and 12th banking locations.

Rolling Hills Bank and Trust latest expansion occurred in November 2016 with the opening of our newly constructed 13th branch in Wheatland, Wyoming.

Rolling Hills Bank and Trust is a locally owned bank with each branch offering personal and professional service staffed by your friends and neighbors. Local ownership means local management and local decision making. We are committed to supporting and being involved in the communities in which we serve.